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NEW SERIES! LocalAgency: Process + Partner Mix as IP - A Conversation with Justin Sanger of OMG National

Posted by Annisa Teich on 7/13/20 3:25 PM
Annisa Teich
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LocalAgency - FB POST - Process and Partner Mix as IP - Justin Sanger - OMG National

"If we are going to be that trusted partner, we better be agnostic.”

- OMG National CRO, Justin Sanger


Somewhere between a traditional agency and a SaaS platform are digital agencies perfecting their platforms, process, and partner mix to best serve SMB clients. OMG National is focused on cutting through marketplace confusion and disjointed technologies to expand their reputation as a trusted leader in digital and performance marketing.


CRO Justin Sanger is passionate about providing best in class service to SMBs nationwide through an aggressive sales program based on OMG's well-forged culture. Instead of focusing on creating yet another new platform to sell to SMBs, Sanger and OMG leadership are focused on what they call "The OMG Way" - a well-refined mix of platforms and processes they deploy programmatically to support client performance. 

Learn more about how OMG National is growing through the current crisis and beyond.

Topics: Video, LocalAgency

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