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Localogy Insider: Accelerated Digital Transformation and the New Era of SMBs

Posted by Annisa Teich on 7/27/20 11:53 AM
Annisa Teich
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There's no denying COVID has had a tremendous effect on the SMB economy and business model. E-commerce, delivery service, and online payments are now a necessity for business survival, but how does that presently affect SMBs across verticals? And more importantly, how are SMB's evolving to thrive in an uncertain future?

Listen in as Localogy's Senior Analyst, Michael Boland, engages Chris Legg, Senior Managing Director of Progress Partners and VP of Corporate Strategy at Endurance International, Luca Sechi, in an insightful discussion about the current state of the SMB economy and which market transformations lie ahead in our future.

How many SMBs are actually closing up shop?

How are SMBs pivoting to survive?

Which verticals are trending up or have new opportunities in this COVID economy?


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