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Localogy Leaders: Benjamin Podoswa of ADN Sección Amarilla

Posted by Annisa Teich on 11/4/20 12:12 AM
Annisa Teich
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"Our strategy is to be a consultant for our customers, not just a provider."

Benjamin Podoswa has been at the helm of ADN Sección Amarilla for the last 15 years, leading the biggest digital agency in Mexico which operates more than 50k campaigns each day.

Podoswa has helped cultivate a culture dedicated to customer service and the democratization of digital operations and promotions in Mexico's SMB market. As a full-service agency ADN focuses on building a consultative relationship with its customers to help support them holistically, transforming their operations and scaling their digital impact.

A testament to his leadership, Podoswa was named "Best CEO in Mexico’s Advertising Industry” and “Digital Business Transformation CEO of the Year – Mexico” this past year. 

Join Benjamin in conversation with Localogy Senior Analyst Mike Boland as they explore the opportunities in the Mexican market and the unique needs of its SMBs.

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