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Localogy Leaders: Featuring NinjaCat CEO, Paul Deraval

Posted by Annisa Teich on 8/3/20 5:56 PM
Annisa Teich
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"Our company mission has nothing to do with what we actually do... Our company mission is to build the kind of company everyone wishes they worked for."
- Paul Deraval

In the age of big data, businesses need a translation-layer to turn numbers into meaningful insights. Join Localogy Senior Analyst, Mike Boland as he sits down with Ninja Cat CEO, Paul Deraval to find out how he's developed a product and a company focused on helping their clients gather and make sense of it all.

They continue to innovate with agencies, brands and resellers in mind to help banish the "frankenstack" through integrations and partnerships. And from a cultural standpoint, they practice radical transparency to build incredible trust from the top down - one of many moves that have led to their ranking as a Best Place to Work two years running. 

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