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Localogy Leaders: Featuring SOCi CEO, Afif Khoury

Posted by Annisa Teich on 5/27/20 9:49 AM
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"If someone wants my seat as CEO, that's great. Let me put you under my wing and show you how to get there.
- Afif Khoury





Senior Analyst Mike Boland and SOCi CEO Afif Khoury dig into how their pre-COVID recruitment strategy of finding the right talent where they live, has served them well during the pandemic and beyond. Afif shares some insight into the "plentiful toolset" they provide and how a focus on product and customer success has driven their growth.


As Founder and CEO of SOCi, Inc., Afif Khoury has been at the forefront of technology for 20 years. From his early contribution to the Human Genome Project, a career as a high-tech M&A attorney, a manager of two successful Venture Capital funds and Founder & CEO of two successful startups, Afif has made a career out of following the data.

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